Saturday, January 21, 2006

9 - As if Words Themselves Kept Score

Ratmancayma Calling
Das Poletzeye ((o))
Tina's Eyes
I Like This World
Plamp Keen (Warm Version)
You Grab What You Can Take
Veiden Nacht ((o))
Reborn on the L.P.
The Cold Season ((cn))
Tina's Repreyes
I Lost a Shoe & I Lost a Sock (live)

Completed nove 12, 1995 at the sign of the senile bision studios. drums on ((o)) by vv work. all other instruments, noises and vox by mr. zan. all lyrics by mr. zan except german disco and cold seasion by charlie newman. this is the seventh bodycoctail release, thanks for checking it out.

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