Saturday, January 21, 2006

11 - What a World, This!

This, This Bliss
I've Got a Salty Lunker Grub For
You This Christmas
Answers Without Questions
You Can't Stick On My
Teflon-Coated Heart
Seeing Suite ((cn))
I. in the early dawn dark
II. motorcycle madonnas,
salt drained and burned
III. head in the clouds
Das Paradise ((fk))

All songs recorded in the December of Bliss at the Sign of the Senile Bison Studios. The first and last song feature on vocal overdub, all other pieces were recorded in one take. Lyrics for the last four pieces by Charlie Newman. All other lyrics, musics, playing and noises by your friend Mr. Zan. This is Bodycocktail's 11th release, happy day! Thanks to Jeeeemy Huber for salty inspiration and Kelly Gain for teflon advice. Headphone listening enhances the intensity of this recording.

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