Thursday, December 08, 2011

174 > Iron Pop Psychologists Demand Reincarnation

Carve A Shadow
Ashes of Vacant Dreams
Glimmering in Control
You Have Permission
Sucked Orange Twist
Second Chance
126 Ric
This Fingerprint Disease
On the Other Side
Iron Pop Psychologists

173 > Hundredion

Ban Burn His Books
Wm Nelson
I'm Stuck Feeling Sad
Bug Secretion
Wm Posters
Stumbling Cockroach
Wm Tell

172 > Stretch The Sky Below Me

I Either Stretch
Every Corpse Is
He Won't Smile
The Sky
Le Dompte
Pod 46
Pod 97
Below Me
Se Viande
Mod 42
I Can't Find

171 > Where Holy Be Holy

Where Holy Is Holy
Make Th Take
I Pray To Be Traded
Corner Night Chair
Pod 34
Free Dumb Affair
I Natter
I'm Dying
September 001
Shady Character
Where Holy Be Holy 

170 > Hyperlink

In Any Corner
Not Have That, What We Grow
No Time Left
Pod 21
Closing Time
Another Rapturous Neck
Coil of Beaks
Two Eighteens
Yarn No. 4
The Stairs
August Sixth

169 > OK To Disconnect

Arc Joy Smile
Eye Burn In Head
No Body
The August 100
I Clipped The Coupon
I Smoke Truth
Dissed Orator
She Always Smile
Moonman Says...
OK To Disconnect

168 > Even If I'm Fascinating

Someone Is Always Smiling
I Part And I Agitate
Unweave, What Else
That Invitable Ticking
I Have A Clue
I Am Clean
September Seven
Even If I'm Fascinating
July Ate
1 Up
A Figure In Chapter Two

167 > Pop Pop Pop

Pop Pop Pop
Always Futile
Least Of All You
Loyal To His Brand
Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop
Stand Skid Laugh
Unavoidable Voide
So Slow
I Misjudged The Problem
August Is Four Lovers
Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop

166 > Lomotion

Like A Bullet, I Tick
When My Ego Is Flat-Lined
I Hear Doors Slam
Nelson Algren's Chicago
My Eyes Are Exit Signs
I Unravel Each Deselection
Nothing I Surrendered If It Mattered
Dime In Your Pocket Has No Shadow
Petroleum, The New Caffeine
X's Never Marked My Spot

165 > Nothing To Undo

Lies Fill My Head
I Should Be Brighter
Forever (Enough For Me, Amigo)
I am The Tick
Every Sin Expects Sympathy
Bubbles Burst
What They're Doing
Dancing On Friends
Sun Quiet Air

164 > Eighty-Sixers

Open It Up
No Body Escapes
I Unweave Sleep
Out Of Hearing
Parable Of Reality
Mimicking Handholding
I Am Not Your Enemy
Abundance Of Blinking
I Need Syntax
I Am Slow
A Good Time To Be Good

163 > Why Doesn't Always Matter

Fading Footsteps
Why Doesn't Always Matter
Egos Eye The Exit
Attack Him
The Formaldehyde Praise
I Am The Clipped Coupon
Every Swingeregret Dream
What Difference Does It Make?
Neck Women

162 > Inspire Me Again

For The Moneymakers
Ain't Easy Bein' Me Amigo
Cut It Out
Fantasy Fandango
Paperwork (A Signed Confession)
A Gracenote Hangs
Without Geography
Afterwards, I Unwind
Inspire Me Again
I Hot Cha Cha Cha
Push Cart Dead Theology
Sometimes Subtly

161 > Holiday To Sustain The Imperfect

Without Complaining
Avoid The Weeper
I Have A Three-Card Monte Past
Dollwhore Rooms
Der Underund
Shrinking Looking
If I Could Imagine
Works For Me
Normalizing Poodle Monsters

160 > JZ in the PD

One By One By One
One By One By One By One
An Ace For Everything
Blood Ambitions
Curtis Idiotic Phyics Pond
There Is No Romance In This
Criminal Weeds
Father Beat Her Once (No More)
JZ In The PD (Bo Knows)
I Slaughterdrop You
Moonman Says
Unyielding Instrumental

159 > According to Skjit-Lars

Until Otis Invents
He Crush Us
Baby Oh Yeah
Pod 22
Die Undie
For Itself
New Song Slumps in
It Just Don't Care
Out Of Sight
Ya Got The Shakes

Curated by Skjit-Lars Nicolaysen

158 > Campauzed

Million Tears In Symbol
Cheap Words Block My View
Bimbo Limbo
Button Down Lip
Turn Eye Within
Somewhere Someone
Everybody's Nobody's Newsworms
Bombs Dream Up
He Crush Us
I Turn Around
I Canary Can't Sing
I Am Day Old Omerati

Starring Don Campau

Friday, December 31, 2010

157 > Time Be Love

Time Be Love
The Cold Season
Not Our Way
Unless I Somehow Tinker
She He Big
Nothing Left
Time = Love
Asleep With No Agenda
Dance Now
Be In Dream
Endless Panache
Feel Me
TIme Be Love
Round Face

Thursday, December 30, 2010

156 > Tomorrow Sing Sin

01 Tattoo God Pack Suitcase
02 A Yelp There
03 What's It Take
04 Under Crowd Alone
05 From Cloud to Cloud
06 I Nobody I No Buddy
07 Unheard I Wake
08 Brain Hedge
09 Back When I
10 Tomorrow Sing Sin
12 I Remember You
13 A Round Go Smile

Sunday, December 26, 2010

155 > I Feel Everything Hum Aloud

01 Guide By Glass
02 A Peal To Dead
03 Bark Bark Bark
04 Cherish Water
05 Word Book
06 I No Thing Without Joy
07 Objects Lost Contaminate The Soul
08 I Remember Be Gone Street
09 I Pass
10 We Swirl
11 Town Be Her
12 Go A Round Reputation
Cover art by Santi Zubizarreta [.es].

154 > I Can't Say Goodbye Goodbye To You

01 Villanelle 120
02 When Dream Moon My Back
03 Everybody Go Be Gone
04 Big City Bang Bang
05 Elevator Door Shut
06 Paste Colored Square
07 Live Paradox Die
08 Here And Now And You And Me
09 I Can't Say Goodbye
10 Giant World
11 Vunerable And Dull
12 I Sleep Awake
13 I Wait Time
14 Villanelle 170
Cover art by Santi Zubizarreta [.es].

153 > Bodycocktail starring Skjit-Lars - Shoving Icebergs

LP out in January on Pure Pop For Now People [.de] label.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

152 > Going Anywhere No Time Soon

01 Fruela
02 And Exactly What Could You Expect Of
03 Qasi of Tudela
04 Knife Scraping
05 Ribagorza
06 I Can't
07 Swinthila
08 Unheed Gong Clang
09 Clotilda
10 With A Pencil
11 Ingunda

Friday, September 03, 2010

151 > Lost Mistress of Skyopolis, or Six Kicks and a Bushel of Licks

Fever Down Street
Broad Minus Hat
Julia Livilla
Feel Dawn
We Want Sometimes We Get
Fire Work Wind Work
Tremble Tremble Tremble

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

150 > You Know What I Mean!

01 No Warranty
02 Substance Grinds
03 I Can't Cut It
04 Du Bien Le Bien
05 Forget Each Other
06 Little Bits and Pieces
07 No One Know Nuthin’
08 You Hear
09 Know No Way
10 Jenin L'Avenu

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

149 > Answers Adrift

Chester Burnett
Another Love
No Way Out
If If Only If
Free Dumb Affair
I Be Over You
I Can't Cut It
In Perfect Balance
You're So Strange To Me

Friday, July 09, 2010

148 > You're UP

No Dictionary
Half The Niko Zans Viva O Galego*
Amalgama V1
Marseilles Amores
Bo Diddley Croons
Amalgama V2
Telephones Rouges Bodycocktail Retiro Comb≈
Leche Mars
Language Lesson
Amalgama V3
Animal Farm & Bodycocktail Sitting in A Tree¬
featuring *Carlos Martinez & Niko
≈Telephones Rouges
¬Animal Farm

147 > Big In Spain

Recordings from 2009 tour of Spain.

146 > SONK

Form Follows Function
Jue Cognois
Friands Morceaulx
Colin de Cayeulx*
Sonk (Reprise)
* special guest star Skjit-Lars

145 > Leap Of Faith

Que Travail A Dompte
Neighborhood Evidence Vanish
Tout Aux Tavernes
A Snow Cut
Se Bat
Key I Leave Behind*
Vive O Galego
Crack Down
Without Curve From Soul
Il Ne Bec Bon De Paris
*special guest star Skjit-Lars

Friday, February 05, 2010

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

141 > Let's Panic Later

01 Let's Panic Later 
02 Sopa Nine 
03 All Lined Up 
04 Madem 
05 On Off
06 Lung
07 Bo Diddley's Necktie Noose
08 Bune
09 Blue Guru 
10 Shortened Long

Thursday, May 14, 2009

140 > Ahhhh, The Beautiful

1 One Close Call
2 Ahhhh, The Beautiful
3 I Carry Myself In My Pocket
4 We're Talkin' About...
5 Angels On The Head Of A Pin
6 Aimed At Disorder
7 21st Century History
8 Other Things
Words by Charlie Newman > All else by Zan Hoffman

Thursday, April 30, 2009

139 > Guiltless Pretext

01 Pass Through Flame
02 Darkness Or Fraud
03 Carrion Birds
04 Do You Know That/What I Mean?
05 Ash Locust
06 Now That Everything Has Changed
07 Here Comes Nobody
08 Speed And Tiny Panics
09 Peace Tock
10 Shoot Him And/Or Her
Words by Charlie Newman > All else by Zan Hoffman

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

138> Lost In Sound

1 Shrink
2 Radio Free Hospital
3 Mist
4 Remembering Numbers
5 Somewhere
6 Big Stone City
7 Can You Hear Me
8 #1 Word Hustler
Words by Charlie Newman > All else by Zan Hoffman

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

137 > P.O.W.

(Pump Organ Wave)

01 I Fucked Up My Karma
02 Always The Same
03 Nobody Cares About Junkies (Except For Junkies)
04 Love Romances Hammered Inertia
05 Trench Confessions
06 Obsession
07 I'm Running Out
08 And Kiss Kiss
09 So We Can Feel
10 Inconsistant Adverbs
Words by Charlie Newman > All else by Zan Hoffman

Sunday, November 02, 2008

136 > P.O.D.

01 Ike 1
02 SMS
03 Ike 2
04 Nipping
05 Ike 3
06 Zarandea
07 Ike 4
08 Tona Medly
09 Ike 5
10 Junkies
11 Ike 7
12 We(')ll

Odd number pieces were recorded during the week I was with power after the winds of
Hurricane Ike battered the cities trees and powerlines. Lyrics by Charlie Newman (4, 6, 10, 12), keys + voice + mix by Wilson Tsang (8), lyrics + voice + guitar by Tina Gil (2). Zan Hoffman composed songs, sang and played the 130 year old pump organ in the basement which old man Woldford gave him for free. Thus these pump organ dreams...

Monday, October 15, 2007

135 > Attack!

1. Brip
2. Get a Grip, Make it Hurt
3. Every Soul = Every Other Soul
4. For CN (Thank You)
5. Attack!
6. Ism
7. Polishing + In With
8. This May Take Some Time

Words by Charlie Newman (3, 5-7) and musical help by Amy Edelen (5) and Mike Foster (7a) > All else by Zan Hoffman

Thursday, December 14, 2006

134 > Attic Hours

An instrumental number for long winter hours.

Friday, December 01, 2006

133 > Ratsoniq

1 Wondering If
2 We Celebrate Eachother
3 Anti-Sex Man Dance
4 Dreamsville
5 Falling Prey To
6 How Many
7 And You Thought
Words by Charlie Newman > All else by Zan Hoffman

Thursday, October 19, 2006

132 > And More...

1 instead of
2 why not
3 haunt me
4 necessary pain
5 makes me
6 and more
7 your him
8 short blocks
9 love is

Words by Charlie "I like! Sounds about the way it felt which would be the point." Newman > all else by Zan Hoffman

Saturday, August 12, 2006

131 > Eyes (I Shut Mine)

1. A Juicy Tabloid Headline
2. Kill Yourself Dead
3. Making Seeing A Who Cares Thing
4. Skinned to the Bone
5. Mingling In Flesh
6. Heir To Undershirted Smile
7. Sunken Treasure and Shrunken Truth
8. My Stone Are Thrown
9. Eyes (I Shut Mine)

Words by Charlie Newman
all else by Zan Hoffman

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

130 > The World Is On Fire

1 The World Is On Fire
2 Like Every Other Night
3 1-4
4 I Might See You Taking Off
5 You Flicker
6 I Think Not, I Hope Not
7 Exactly Like You (but better)
8 Mumbling Muscatel Odes

Words 2-8 by Charlie Newman > All else by Zan Hoffman

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

129 > I Can't Say It Enough

1 I Can't Say It Enough
2 Reducing Elegance to Industry
3 I Am Who I Always Was Before
4 See You Thinking of Ways to Take Me Off
5 Skinned to the Rhythmic Bone
6 Doing Great Things in Their Own Heads
7 Morning She's Gone
8 Nervous Baggage
Words on 2-8 by Charlie Newman
All else by Zan Hoffman

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

128 > Once Functionable

1. The World Doesn't End
2. With A Shrug
3. Swirling Around Eachother
4. Neglecting the Fine Points mp3
5. Out Manouvering
6. Phone Number Circled in Fear mp3
7. Relentlessly Beautiful People
8. Awkward Enough
9. Gain A Lover Lose A Friend
Words of Charlie Newman
All else by Zan Hoffman in the attic.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

127> Offer No Excuses

1 Bliss Awakened
2 Floor of Heaven
3 I Will Feel Your Eyes mp3
4 Irrelevant Flotsam
5 One of My Favorite Things (Death)
6 Sticky Heart
7 Offer No Excuses
8 It Was What It Will Be
9 When You Know the Name mp3

Charlie Newman words > all else by Zan Hoffman
(oh Miro!)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

126 > Epics & Treatments

1 As If My Habits Could Save Me
2 Completed but not Involentarily
3 Empty and Aware
4 Everyone Leafs Though Night Sweats
5 Mirror Clear
6 Quiet Space Between Love and Hate
7 With My Stickfigure Flesh
8 You Arrive In Style and Leave Me
Words of Charlie Newman > All else by Zan Hoffman